Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Starburst Mirror DIY Project ~

Ok... so, I am proving to be quite the craftyKathy ( No, My name is not Kathy)  I  have to say... when i start a project, I really weigh out the work opposed to the "use" of the project. If it wont get used... or will end up in the recycle bin, I dont make it. I want to get use out of what i create. I always wished I had "Artistic" talent like all 3 of my sisters. I mean TALENTED! My grandmother was a painter, My father Clearly had talent (sketching mostly) My sisters all have  the artist talent. Me...? I have mastered the stick man or stick "figure". My art teacher in high school used to ask me .."Lana, why dont you stop messing around!? You MUST have talent! Your sisters are SOOOOO talented!" 
Hmmm.. yes, I am still bitter to this day over those statements/questions as to why i was so utterly UN talented. 
So... ( sorry for the rambling) ... My point to this lengthy story was..I kinda like crafting . ( Hate the word Crafting) Reminds me of Scrapbooking, but im not that kinda crafter.. ( no offence to scrapbookers) ok.. I think its time i stopped.
Hope you enjoy the video, and attempt a DIY . If you do, let me know with a link. I would LOVE to go check out your projects! 
Happy Crafting! ( lmao!)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Eyeko  London 
Black Magick Mascara In black.
Truely a beautiful creamy non drying formula
that actually allows even the sparcest of lashes a second curl! 
Fabulous in black ! Eyeko has really proven to be  beautifully thought out cosmetics so far.
Hoping to try out more of their products as they come off of the assembly lines. See my channel on youtube for my speciic review on this product.

My Youtube Channel Introduction Video Gone WRONG... Bloopers

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Strivectin Eye Concentrate Wrinkle Cream REVIEW

 Strivectin  -SD  Eye Concentrate for Wrinkles 

This eye Cream I have to say is serious stuff ! 
It ACTUALLY works ! I have used it  for about 3 weeks now ( recieved as a sample in My Birchbox) 
It was a 2 weeks sample... I use it at the least once a day. 
I am re-purchasing this product ( This seriously RARELY  ever happens ! ) 
 I feel like almost immediately my under eye area soaks this stuff up like water. Leaves my eyes not only feeling hydrated, but LOOKING nicely Hydrated and moisturized.  My lightly lined crinkly wronkly crapey undereye skin looks at leat 5 years younger ! 
When I recieve my replacement tube, I will use it 2x daily to see if the benefits are even better ! 
Will keep yall posted. Love this stuff ! 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Side shave ( Undercut) Insprirations

 These are just a few of the Inspirational photos  I  looked at daily before i shaved my side. I still absolutely adore this edgy cut ! I am thinking i will keep it for awhile, as I have learned to "hide" the shaved side when needed ( A  fancy dinner,  or anything more on the conservative side  event.)  Its been a ton of fun! I foget that its even shaved until someone mentions it to me.   What to do next ....?! Hmmmm.... ?...... ;)

Nails nails NAilS!!!

 yes, You read right ! I LOVE me some extravagant nails ! If i could i would wear 3 inch nails. ( not sure why ) I guess im an in the closet extravaganza of bling & tackiness !  lol !  right now my love is the stiletto nail. Oh em gee girl... Theyre elegant, with a massive touch of OUCH factor ! Talons claws, spikes.. ahhh... so so pretty to me..!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

My honest opinion on PONDS Luminous Finish BB+ Cream

 This particular BB cream ( new to the market and brand PONDS)  Is seriously one of those products that you try,  and have to  find a way to incorporate into your beauty routine every day , even when you dont want to wear any makeup.
 Its just THAT good.   I loved the presentation & Packaging of this product as well.  PONDS has never  failed women for over 50 years when it comes to skin care... they sure  impressed this go around. The Rest of the Luminous line will  be a MUST try now !
Try it out ladies ,  it will end up being a daily staple !

Lana xox

POND'S ~ Luminous Finish BB+ Cream Introduction & Review

Thursday, January 24, 2013

 Palmolive Fresh Scents Dishwashing Soaps

Ok... OMG!  These soaps are just amazing! Palmolive dishwashing soap has been a family favorite for many many  years back as far as when I was a child, so I know  Palmolive  quite well.
 So thrilled when I was able to try these new Fresh Scent soaps  through  for free .
 I have tried all 3 scents and really love them all!  I do however have a favorite . That being the Lime basil. I love the smell of lime, and with the added basil, it has a exotic type scent to it. If they made this in a body wash, ohhhh... you know I would buy it! lol

 I cannot wait until I find these in the stores as I will be stocking up, and spreading the word.

 LOVE Palmolive  as it originally was,  but now.. with the Fresh Scents,  They took it to a whole new level. Congrats Palmolive for  improving on perfect! Who does that!? lol

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Global Green USA Green School Makeover Competition Presented by Pureology

So, I  am associated with a website called Influenster ( as some of you may already know)  Influenster sends me products  or items for my honest opinions and online/in person etc reviews. 
Recently  Influenster has teamed up with Pureology ,  with a competition  to turn your child ( or others) schools from Not so green to GREEN In a school makeover.

How wonderful is this right!?
Well, I started researching the schools in my area, as well as my childs school , AND my step sons school. Turns out they are BOTH already GREEN!

 Good news ! Made me really happy, and more informed, because frankly I had no idea either way before this competition.

 I wanted to spread the word on this competition as some schools  aren't already considered green, and the earth needs this people ! :)

 so, If you would like to learn more about this ... head on over to :

Global Green Green school Makeover

 Fantastic way to save our beautiful earth one school at a time !:)
 I am desperately trying to keep up with blogging, and im sure soon will get the hang of it.. just kind of  challenged  by all the technicalities !  yes along with being directionally challenged I am also seemingly blog No patience..? hmm.. I need to work on that!
I have so much to do here, first being .. to set up my blog page so  you all actually want to come visit regularly.  I am working on it, and in the meantime if anyone can help me with my front page design..?