Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Side shave ( Undercut) Insprirations

 These are just a few of the Inspirational photos  I  looked at daily before i shaved my side. I still absolutely adore this edgy cut ! I am thinking i will keep it for awhile, as I have learned to "hide" the shaved side when needed ( A  fancy dinner,  or anything more on the conservative side  event.)  Its been a ton of fun! I foget that its even shaved until someone mentions it to me.   What to do next ....?! Hmmmm.... ?...... ;)

Nails nails NAilS!!!

 yes, You read right ! I LOVE me some extravagant nails ! If i could i would wear 3 inch nails. ( not sure why ) I guess im an in the closet extravaganza of bling & tackiness !  lol !  right now my love is the stiletto nail. Oh em gee girl... Theyre elegant, with a massive touch of OUCH factor ! Talons claws, spikes.. ahhh... so so pretty to me..!