Sunday, October 6, 2013

Strivectin Eye Concentrate Wrinkle Cream REVIEW

 Strivectin  -SD  Eye Concentrate for Wrinkles 

This eye Cream I have to say is serious stuff ! 
It ACTUALLY works ! I have used it  for about 3 weeks now ( recieved as a sample in My Birchbox) 
It was a 2 weeks sample... I use it at the least once a day. 
I am re-purchasing this product ( This seriously RARELY  ever happens ! ) 
 I feel like almost immediately my under eye area soaks this stuff up like water. Leaves my eyes not only feeling hydrated, but LOOKING nicely Hydrated and moisturized.  My lightly lined crinkly wronkly crapey undereye skin looks at leat 5 years younger ! 
When I recieve my replacement tube, I will use it 2x daily to see if the benefits are even better ! 
Will keep yall posted. Love this stuff !