Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Easy Holiday Office / Work Xmas Party eye look The NAKED palette

Monday, December 15, 2014

The Original Beauty Blender. 
I highly recommend this tool for foundations and concealers at times  your skin is either dry, patchy, or your foundation sets more on the powdery side.   Before using...soak in water and squeeze out completely  before using. Women a little older ( me.. Im 47) will for sure benefit from the beauty blender. I LOVE the way my foundation looks after applying with this sponge.  My dry dehydrated winter skin looks renewed ! I recommend  everyone pick up a Beauty blender! NOTE: Do not be fooled... I have tried a few "Other" brands , all of which are ok, and even better than OK.. but the original Beauty Blender is second to one ! Quality, light as a cloud, and so amazingly effective.  <3

Monday, December 8, 2014

Help Stop Sex Slavery this Christmas #Dancember

SUCH an amazing family with such sweet big hearts to help out every year! This year... To help raise $ and awareness on the sex slavery trade . Its here... close to you .  watch the video and donate .
 I just Ordered The YSL Youth Liberator Serum Foundation.
I was going to purchase a completely different one by YSL, but realize that  it may be the same formula as the DIOR Star foundation which could make me look like an old dried out raisen way before my time.
( Not sure when Looking like a raisen will be "ok" or my "time" to look like a )
Anyway, will keep yall posted . Im pretty excited!It was a very expensive Foundation $70.00 .
If i hate it, I think i may have to go and stay with my drug store foundations.
 WHY is it that my favorites are drug store brands?
Specifically REVLON.
Love it ! Ok, thats a different post.
Will lik my first impressions/demo, etc here as soon as it comes.

Jerusha Couture: From my garden to my heart

LOVE This girl !  Go check out her blog which will lead you to her you tube channel etc. shes funny, beautiful and loves all things gorgeous !

Jerusha Couture: From my garden to my heart: I was contemplating getting "faux" Hydrangeas from #Alfrescoemporium a month ago.. But for some reason stopped myself It was not f...

Friday, December 5, 2014

Winter Morning Routine & Holiday Giveaway 2014!

What an amazing giveaway ! This girl is seriously the most adorable ! Go check her out, subscribe, like and have a wonderful chance to win this giveaway ! <3 xox