Friday, November 2, 2012

 I wanted to post a quick note about nothing to do with beauty or fashion, but coffee ! Yes.. coffee ! I am a coffee drinker and seem to need it to shake the cobwebs out of my head in the morning .... I am a bzzagent  ( means I am able to try for free  products hosted by  . I joined a campaign  about a month ago which allowed me to try a coffee called Green Mountain Coffee (R) fair trade.
Now the fair trade end of things means that the beans are havested and grown by local growers, as my money is going to  local farmers/growers. (LOVE that!)

 anyway, the coffee i was able to try was the "Organic" which really was amazing! 3 packages, in 3 days, and all gone now ! Cant seem to find the  bagged /ground coffee anywhere here, but   have seen the K Cups ( I dont own a Kuerig) :O(

 Point is.. The coffee is soooo good ! Dark, bold, fresh, and very aromatic. Must be the Italian in me...
Fashion, beauty and Coffee ! lol

xox Happy weekend  everyone !

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