Thursday, January 24, 2013

 Palmolive Fresh Scents Dishwashing Soaps

Ok... OMG!  These soaps are just amazing! Palmolive dishwashing soap has been a family favorite for many many  years back as far as when I was a child, so I know  Palmolive  quite well.
 So thrilled when I was able to try these new Fresh Scent soaps  through  for free .
 I have tried all 3 scents and really love them all!  I do however have a favorite . That being the Lime basil. I love the smell of lime, and with the added basil, it has a exotic type scent to it. If they made this in a body wash, ohhhh... you know I would buy it! lol

 I cannot wait until I find these in the stores as I will be stocking up, and spreading the word.

 LOVE Palmolive  as it originally was,  but now.. with the Fresh Scents,  They took it to a whole new level. Congrats Palmolive for  improving on perfect! Who does that!? lol

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Global Green USA Green School Makeover Competition Presented by Pureology

So, I  am associated with a website called Influenster ( as some of you may already know)  Influenster sends me products  or items for my honest opinions and online/in person etc reviews. 
Recently  Influenster has teamed up with Pureology ,  with a competition  to turn your child ( or others) schools from Not so green to GREEN In a school makeover.

How wonderful is this right!?
Well, I started researching the schools in my area, as well as my childs school , AND my step sons school. Turns out they are BOTH already GREEN!

 Good news ! Made me really happy, and more informed, because frankly I had no idea either way before this competition.

 I wanted to spread the word on this competition as some schools  aren't already considered green, and the earth needs this people ! :)

 so, If you would like to learn more about this ... head on over to :

Global Green Green school Makeover

 Fantastic way to save our beautiful earth one school at a time !:)
 I am desperately trying to keep up with blogging, and im sure soon will get the hang of it.. just kind of  challenged  by all the technicalities !  yes along with being directionally challenged I am also seemingly blog No patience..? hmm.. I need to work on that!
I have so much to do here, first being .. to set up my blog page so  you all actually want to come visit regularly.  I am working on it, and in the meantime if anyone can help me with my front page design..?