Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Starburst Mirror DIY Project ~

Ok... so, I am proving to be quite the craftyKathy ( No, My name is not Kathy)  I  have to say... when i start a project, I really weigh out the work opposed to the "use" of the project. If it wont get used... or will end up in the recycle bin, I dont make it. I want to get use out of what i create. I always wished I had "Artistic" talent like all 3 of my sisters. I mean TALENTED! My grandmother was a painter, My father Clearly had talent (sketching mostly) My sisters all have  the artist talent. Me...? I have mastered the stick man or stick "figure". My art teacher in high school used to ask me .."Lana, why dont you stop messing around!? You MUST have talent! Your sisters are SOOOOO talented!" 
Hmmm.. yes, I am still bitter to this day over those statements/questions as to why i was so utterly UN talented. 
So... ( sorry for the rambling) ... My point to this lengthy story was..I kinda like crafting . ( Hate the word Crafting) Reminds me of Scrapbooking, but im not that kinda crafter.. ( no offence to scrapbookers) ok.. I think its time i stopped.
Hope you enjoy the video, and attempt a DIY . If you do, let me know with a link. I would LOVE to go check out your projects! 
Happy Crafting! ( lmao!)

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