Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Am I really the only woman out here that nearly squeeeeeel  with sheer delight  seeing this "type " of collar ?!! 
I prefer to think i am not one of a kind here ... I have long been a huge fan of the Large fluffy luxurious Fur collar, both real fur,... and not so real. as long as it reeks with ohhhh's and ahhhhhh's .... I am all over it. I swear i must have been some type of Royalty, or Old Hollywood blk & white film star.  Yes, I do feel that . Is that overly vain of me? 
 Oh who cares?!  
I love This "look" and always will ! These are just a few images i saw and had to drool over. Hope you enjoy ! please feel free to direct me to anything even remotely similar.
 LOVE anything Luxury! 
What Can i say..? Its Truly in my bloodline.

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