Wednesday, April 9, 2014

NYX Narcissist & Fucshia Lip Products for Spring & Summer!

 These 2 lip products are some serious Oh my god products! 
First off, I bought the NYX Fucshia Lip pencil probably a year ago now? .. i tried it and like most my new things tossed i t in my makeup drawer til i find that "need" to use it. 
AND... Of course... Like all the rest, I forget about them !ugh! 
Ok, so today i re-discovered this lip pencil while trying to find in my beauty "stash" the perfect HOT pink lip! 
Found the pencil , then right after that ran into ( in the same drawer of lost lip products)  my NYX Narcissist. such a sweet pink color. 
I started lining my lips with the Fucshia pencil and decided it was just HOT enough to color the whole lip in with. there.. done! 
Lacking that"sweetness" I reached for my Narcissist, and applied just to the inner pout top n bottom. 
The perfect Hot Pink Fucshia Spring summer Lippie ! 

Iv'e done it! 

Rush out and grab these ladies! They're a must have for many months to come!
Nothing says Spring and Summer like a HOT pink lip!  Muah! <3

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